PB3A0015 PB3A0016The hubs and I recently had the pleasure of getting ourselves a new mattress after we tied the knot! We both love foam mattresses and have always dreamed of owning a Tempurpedic, but honestly who can afford them? Not us. So when Tuft & Needle contacted me and said “hey we’d love for you to try our mattress,” I was totally game. When it arrived, the nerdy graphic designer in me came out when I saw the beautiful + minimal packaging design. I mean when a mattress looks this good boxed up on your front porch you know it’s going to be good. I was previously sleeping on a 14 inch medium – soft foam mattress for about 6 months and in that time period I had created a bit of a crevice. I was also waking up covered in sweat. I know that is kind of gross, but it is true. Foam mattresses are so. freaking. hot. It’s like your body heat goes into the foam and then it spits it right back at you. (pretty sure that is the scientific explanation for that.) Anywhos, when we got the Tuft & Needle and I unpackaged it, I was like hmmm.. its definitely not as thick at my other one. The Tuft & Needle mattresses are all 10 inches thick. And when I sat on it, I was like ohhhh my… it’s a bit more firm than I am used to. So I immediately was thinking, “this is not good.” My review was going to have to end up negative, right? Wrong. We woke up the first night of sleeping and hubster looks at me and said “I have never slept that good in my life.” Wow. Strong words Hubs, strong words. I was a little more hard on it, and said I need to give it a full week before I can decide. It has been many a week, and I have fallen in love with it. It has the most interesting pressure put down + equal support given back thing happening. My other mattress you just kind of sank into it and then you were sucked in and could not move. This was definitely different. The other giant selling point is no more night sweating. It stays incredibly cool. Who knows how they did that. According to my scientific research… I was supposed to sweat. Two other great selling points – it’s made in the USA and it’s affordable. Also, the customer service was so phenomenal. They check up with you every so often to see how things are going, and I just think that is missing with a lot of companies these days! You can also try it for 100 nights and if you do not like it, they give you all your money back. So it’s basically a sure thing. 😉

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