This weekend was full of fun projects around the house. Since it is a new house, there is not much to do except some stylistic changes. I knew immediately I needed the ugly plain dark green door to go. To me, front doors make a huge difference! in curb appeal. In the new house, you cannot see the front door from the street, so I knew I could be a little risky with my color choice. I couldn’t decide if I wanted my minty teal door from the old house (Bottom Photo!) or something new! So I hit Pinterest up and found this one photo I could not get out of my head! I was like Aaron is not going to go for a pink door. So I called it blush and luckily, I married the most wonderful man on the planet and he did not complain once. He actually loves it! (because bless his heart, he has great style.)

The hardware on the door was nickel and since I am not a huge fan of that color, we spray painted it antique brass you can find here. Since we just installed an August Lock on the other side, we forewent the process of undoing our work and spray painted while it was still on the door. I don’t recommend this, because you can’t quite get a perfect finish, but since we knew we’d change this out in the coming year, we were okay with it! We also added Lionel the lion on the door to add a little something, something. You can find him here!

Finding the perfect shade of blush was difficult. But we went with Behr from Home Depot in Everblooming. And I love it!

I am also a big fan of this color by Joanna Gaines.

Our old door was called Tame Teal by Sherwin Williams!

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