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It’s time to dust off that ol’ bar cart of yours and get her ready for the Holidays and all of your fabulous Holiday parties! Which if you are like me, that will be just you and your husband taking turns making drinks for each other on a Wednesday evening.

We took 3 different carts + styled them 3 different ways to give you all the choices!

First, we have our manly, plaid inspired bourbon cart. (You can find a similar one here!) This cart is every sexy lumberjack’s dream. (because lumberjack’s totally have bar carts. and dream about them.) It’s rustic with natural birch wood coasters + accents, can be dressed up with either copper mugs (you can find a cute set here!) or a pair of heavy scotch glasses! We added some greens around the edge + finished her off with the perfect buffalo check ribbon!

Second, we styled a marble + gold bar cart (you can find the same one here!) with a romantic theme. We incorporated fresh blooms, eucalyptus garland + golds. This one is by far the simplest, but with the deep hues in the flowers makes a statement!

Lastly, (and maybe our favorite) is our over the top whimsical theme! We used a butler tray bar from West Elm (you can find similar ones here.) and incorporated colorful trees, tiny deer, fake snow, and ornaments to give this bar a winter wonderland vibe! And we secretly fell in love with it.

So, which one is your favorite?

Grab your free Eat, Drink and be Merry Chalkboard print here!


2 Comments on How to style a Holiday Bar Cart – Three Ways!

  1. Rachel says:

    These are amazing! LOVE the first and third styles!

  2. Tammy says:

    They’re all wonderful. I especially love the last one. The bottle brush trees & garland — be still my heart!

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