While we may not be book worms over here, we do love cozying up to a good book. Here are the top books on our reading list for 2017.

CFL Reading List 2017

  1. Present over Perfect I have read all of Shauna’s books, so of course this one had to be on my list. I have started and really enjoy it so far! The concept of being more present has been something I have been working on for years, and any help I can get is very much appreciated. If you haven’t read any of Shauna’s books, I recommend starting with Cold Tangerines!
  2. All the Light We Cannot See: We read the Nightingale on the way to the in-laws for Christmas this year, and War Lit is becoming one of my new favorite genres. These books are definitely not for the faint at heart, because they can get pretty graphic. We haven’t started All the light we cannot see, but I have heard such great things!
  3. State of Wonder: I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for Young Adult fiction, and in an effort to branch out I got this book for pretty cheap at a used bookstore. I have started it and stopped it a few times, but I know this writer is amazing + it will eventually pick up!
  4. Silver Bay: Like everyone and their mother, I read Me before You and loved it. (the movie… ehhh not so much.) The writing was so great. I also read After You which was the follow up book. So I picked up this one because it sounded a little different. Can’t wait to dive in!
  1. Red Rising Trilogy: I actually started this series last year, and am excited to finish it this year. It is a great beach read (if you are into young adult dystopian si-fi). My husband read all three books on our vacation last year. He could not put them down.
  2. It Starts with Food: I did Whole 30 a couple of year ago, but never got around to reading this book. I’m excited to learn more about how food can effect your life.
  3. Rising Strong: Golly, jeeze, I love Brene Brown. Daring Greatly seriously changed my life and I cant wait to read this book.
Have y’all read any of these books? What did you think? Tell us what you are reading in 2017!

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