CFL Spring Surprise Box

Spring is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is actually pretty tolerable in Austin — even if it is the temperature of other’s summer months! I get excited about planting new flowers, seeing new colors, and feeling that crisp breeze in the air. Our mission was to capture all of that and put it in the CFL Curated Spring Surprise box! We are loving the soft blush pinks, anything cactus related, florals, and whimsical lettering. Still confused at what a surprise box is? Think about a perfectly curated gift box that you can gift yourself, a friend, or you could ┬ápick + choose what you would like to keep and gift the other items! We are so excited to package these up special just for you! Time + quantities are running out! So if you want to grab one of these limited edition boxes, make sure you reserve yours today! You can find it in our shop here!

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