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Instagram can be a fickle little beast. In the 7 years that I have used it (oh my gosh it has been 7 years) it has changed considerably.

In the past 3 years I have used it to grow my business organically. I got in at the time before algorithm was a buzz word, before stories existed, before people were paid to push FabFitFun boxes and sunglasses at you, and before you could have a business account.

I have a strong love/hate relationship with the app. And the fact that I have evaluated my relationship with an app really has me questioning things. The truth of the matter is – it has helped me grow my business. When I realized all of my store traffic was coming from an audience I grew on Instagram, it gave me the courage to branch away from Etsy and run my own shop. Saving money and giving me the ability to grow even larger!

Hopefully this is getting you thinking – How can I make Instagram grow MY business?

Well girl, I think there are a lot of facets to that answer. But one thing I think is uber important is Consistency. And consistency can be the way your feed looks visually, how your voice sounds, and when we can expect to hear/see you!

Visually – I think we have all heard it before, “Oh this doesn’t match my feed!” Yep, I’ve said it. And immediately after have wanted to punch myself for saying it. Let’s be honest, It doesn’t matter. I think the name of the game should be post what makes you happy. And if you do that and edit your photos in a consistent manner, you’re feed will be visually appealing and you’ll be able to share what you love with your followers.

  • Choose the editing app you want to use. (there are a ton!) Some of my favorites: afterlight, VSCO, a color story, and Instagram
  • Next find your filter. This will be your bread and butter. What kind of photos do you like? Vintagey? Colorful? Warm? Cool? Play around and find what you like! Don’t worry about what Susan is using. You do you.
  • Take photos of whatever you like! (food, flowers, product, dogs) and then edit them with the same filter + post em.
  • You will have a visually consistent feed!

Voice –  This one might not be as obvious as the visual consistency. But I think that it’s just as important! Deciding how you want your followers to feel when they come to your page or scroll through your pics + captions is your first step to finding a voice.

I have made a conscious effort stay lighthearted and keep my Insta positive and fun. Someone else might feel like it is their job to talk more about emotional topics. I think this is obviously very much dependent on your personality, but like I said earlier, just because Susan talks about her emotional hardships doesn’t mean you have to. You do you!

When – You know when you are in a sermon and the pastor somehow always has three points with alliteration? Mine was happening so naturally with “V” and this last point just screwed me up.

This point is an easy one. Stay consistent with the amount you are sharing! Set a goal for yourself and stick to it. Maybe you want to post twice a week or twice a day. Staying consistent with the amount you post will keep you in front of your potential customers/clients and they may even start looking forward to your posts 😉

Hopefully this is a helpful jumping off point for you to start utilizing instagram to grow your business. If you want to dive deeper into how to edit photos and finding your style, you can sign up for my instagram course HERE!




3 Comments on Consistency on Instagram

  1. Katie Sartz says:

    I’ve recently been putting more effort into my Insta game to help get my blog traffic. These tips will definitely be helpful. I’ve got the theme down, I just need to work on having enough content for consistency. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It won’t let me sign up for the Instagram course!

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