Jill and her Hubby took a little trip to Miami a few weeks ago and she is letting us in on the secrets to her amazing trip!

Bienvenidos a Miami! I know you are singing in your head right now. It’s just impossible not to.


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Miami, what a lovely city. If I’m being honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect. We were planning a beach vacation and the tickets to Miami were ridiculously cheap, so we went for it. We are not party people, actually the complete opposite, so I didn’t know how this city would treat me. But in the end it was one of the most fun trips we have been on and was surprisingly relaxing.

Below I will lay out for your what we did while we were there, but be warned, it is not the way to experience the best food or see all the sights, My path, is the path to relaxation. Just take a deep breath and enjoy what is in front of you.


If you decide to go to Maimi, do me a favor and stay at The Standard. We stayed for 4 nights and it was such a delightful little oasis away from the busier parts of town. Beautiful tall green hedges, a fire pit with huge lounge beds, & the most amazing pool (with a hot tub and arctic plunge pool!), plus it is positioned in such a way the you get to watch the sunset perfectly! You also get full access to the spa (hello, heated marble hammam, and sauna) and the rooms have everything you need (by that I mean that the beds were comfy  and the ceiling fan was seriously the fastest fan I’d ever seen. For someone who needs to sleep at arctic temperatures, this was a highlight)


Rent Bikes (Deco Bikes). Ride them to South Beach and then down the boardwalk. There are stations literally on every corner and it is a fun way to see Miami Beach. On the first day we rode to the nearest grocery store and loaded up on sunscreen, snacks, and, of course, wine… My husband put it all in his backpack and we road down to South Beach to get a feel for where we wanted to spend our beach days. We did end up taking an Uber to and from the beach after that, just because it was cost effective and by booty hurt from how much riding we did the first day.

Rent a Daybed & Umbrella on South Beach. In my research I read that any of the hotels on South Beach would rent you umbrellas and chairs on the beach, but I recommend going with the non-hotel affiliated Boucher Brothers set-up at the 21st Street entrance to the beach (next to the W hotel). It was literally less than half the price of the hotel options and it was SO delightful. We sprung for the day bed setup that put us in front of all the other chairs and came with unlimited towels. There is no info online about this, so it feels like I’m sharing a secret with you.

Watch the Sunset: If you stay at the The Standard, you can watch it perfectly from the pool. If not, try taking a sunset cruise or finding a restaurant with a nice view. It is worth it.

Rent a Jetski on the beach: Pricey, yes, but so is everything in Miami. I would avoid it if it is a windy day, but otherwise, it is super fun (especially if your husband is driving)

Eating & Drinking:

Here is a little secret. As a total foodie I might bring shame to my foodie community by saying this, but we ate almost every meal at the hotel restaurant (The Lido Grill) and 2 out of 4 days got hotdogs & empanadas delivered to us on the beach (Thank you Eazy- O App). I had to make a serious effort not to be overcome with anxiety over all the good food we were missing out on, but at the end of the day, we were there to relax, not stress out over which restaurant to go to and I feel great about it.

Here are a few places we did try: 

  • Joes Stone Crab: The wait was insane, so we went to Joe’s Take Away next door, which, in my opinion was way more fun. Its the same food, except they put it in to-go boxes and you can have yourself a little pic-nic. It was the best crab & key lime pie I’ve ever eaten.
  • Lucali: The pizza was giant and the kale salad was stellar. We had this delivered to the hotel and we ate it by the fire pit with a glass of wine that we bought at the grocery store. We are classy people.
  • Panther Coffee: You will find this on every list you look at about where to go in Miami. It really is a wonderful coffee shop and the people were really nice. Their pastry case also looked mighty fine…

So there you have it, all of my wisdom in one place 🙂  hope you have a chance to visit!

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  1. Marcene says:

    Awesome trip! I love your review!

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