So I hear that Plant Lady is the new Cat Lady. I think I am on my way to becoming the crazy plant lady. Plants are my new go to decorating piece. When I can’t figure out what I need to fill a space – oops I bought another plant. They add so much life + color into my home, I really couldn’t live without them. (Do I sound crazy yet?) They also don’t have to be expensive. Most of mine I have picked up at Home Depot. My split leaf philodendron was on sale for $5 and was dying. Now it is my most thriving plant. Let’s be honest, You can’t have a pretty plant without a pretty pot or planter! So I have rounded up some of my personal faves and will link them up below! 

10 Favorite Planters

1. Threshold, $20, West Elm, $199, 3. West Elm, $169, 4. West Elm, $69, 5. (technically not a planter but a raised planter table!) Target, $40, 6. CB2, $60, 7. Pottery Barn, $179, 8. CB2 $89, 9. Target, $24 10. CB2, $100

Personally have 6 + 8 and love them! They come in multiple different sizes too!

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