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Silicone Bead Keychain, 4 Styles

Silicone Bead Keychain, 4 Styles

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These ADORABLE bangle keychains are perfect for the girl who's always got her hands full! I love my silicone keychain, not only does it help me find my keys so fast in my giant abyss of a diaper bag, but it doubles as something to play with for the babe when you are a pinch and forget a toy.

Small-sized tassels - Vibrant colors - Cute and pretty wristlet gift for any mom or girl - High quality silicone

Dimensions: 3" inside bracelet (Elastic) 4" outside bracelet 2" tassel Total length: 9"

Made in United States •

Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 0.5″ (10.2 x 10.2 x 1.3 cm) 

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