5 Things To Do With Your Kids On Spring Break (Plus Free Printable!)

5 Things To Do With Your Kids On Spring Break (Plus Free Printable!)

Spring Break is here for our family and I know a lot of you have kiddos out of school this week also or have Spring Break coming up in the near future. I did a poll on Instagram and it looks like most of you are staying home like we are. It can sometimes be hard to figure out what to do with your kiddos when they are home for a full week, so I've put together a list of 5 things we love doing! Some of these involve going somewhere but others you can do from home! 

1. Visit Your Local Zoo

Is there anything kiddos love more than animals? The zoo is always a hit with our kids. It's a learning adventure and also helps them get a bit of energy out! 

2. Build a Fort

With the kids being home all week, we build a fort and leave it up the whole time as something fun and different for them. You can build it the old-fashioned way with sheets and furniture, or use a fort-building kit. We got one of these a couple of years ago and the kids LOVE it. Throw a sheet over it and maybe even add some twinkle lights and it's the perfect fort! 

3. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

A walk isn't always the first thing our kids want to do, but we we tell them we are going to go "find treasures," they are all about it. We hunt for fun looking sticks, rocks, flowers, bugs, etc. and they are always so fascinated by everything we find. We bring a bucket so they can put the non-living items in the bucket and then sort them when we get home. I even put together a fun little Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable for you to print out and use on your walks!

4. Make Your Own Play-Dough

Liam & Wyatt could both play with play-dough for hours. We recently purchased a lot of play-dough tools for them to use and be creative. They also like to make hills for their monster trucks to play on, bury their toys, etc. It's something they could literally do for hours. To take this activity a step further, you can create your own play dough with your kiddos! Here is the recipe we use: 


  • 1.5 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 cup of boiling water


Dump all the dry ingredients into the bowl and mix it all together. Add food coloring if desired!

5. Build A Sensory Bin

Sarah is the absolute best at making these bins for Emmie. They are always so cute and festive! Our boys love digging and playing in sensory bins as well. It helps promote independent play, learning and creativity! There are so many ways you can make them, but I loved this Garden Sensory Bin Tutorial from Jessica Etcetera. If the weather is nice, these are fun to play with outdoors!


Hopefully this gives you some fun ideas or inspiration as you are home with your kiddos for Spring Break! Here's to a fun break making memories with our littles! 

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