Alphabet Summer Sensory Bin

Alphabet Summer Sensory Bin

While our summer is full of outdoor fun, playing with neighbors, going to the pool and a few vacations here and there, there are also plenty of days that we spend inside because hi, it's Texas and it's hot. I'm always on the hunt for activities I can do with the boys that are fun but also educational. Liam will be in 4-K next year and I want to keep his brain sharp for school!

I decided to put a summer-themed sensory bin together but one that would also stimulate his little brain. I wanted to make kind of a "beach" looking setup, so I took some kinetic sand and some orbeez water beads and placed them in the bottom of the bin like a beach. We actually chose this orbeez kit from Target that lets you color your beads yourself. Liam colored the beads blue and we used them in the bin!

We already had an alphabet puzzle and I simply buried the letters in the sand and water beads and Liam had to dig them out and place them in the correct place on the puzzle board. Wyatt (who is 20 months old) loved playing in the bin also and they both played with it for about an hour, so I'd say that's a win! This bin would also be fun with seashells, little toy fish or other summery figurines in the bin for kiddos to play with!

Sometimes bringing summer inside is the perfect way to cool off and take a breather and this is such a fun way to do that! Happy playing, friends!

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