Cozy Fall Treat Board

Cozy Fall Treat Board

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall movie season, y'all! There is nothing I like better than curling up with a cozy blanket and watching a Fall movie.

If you've been following us over on Instagram, you know there is a Gilmore Girl watch party happening on Friday, complete with a fun bingo game and prizes throughout. I thought I would also provide a little bit of treat inspo for those participating!

If you know me, you know I love a good treat board. A great treat board is one of the best ways to host a fun party because it has a variety of goodies and makes the perfect crowd pleaser. Here is what I included in this board: 

Caramel Dip - I always love adding something to dip because it makes for a fun experience. You can dip apples, cookies, pretzels, whatever you like!

A variety of cookies - I chose some halloween Oreos, chocolate brownie cookies, & some pumpkin spice Milano cookies

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop Tarts - This is a nod to Lorelai & Rory's go-to breakfast. I thought it would be a fun Gilmore Girls touch, and um, they are delicious.

Chocolate Pretzel Clusters - I snagged a bag of caramel apple chocolate pretzels and maple caramel chocolate pretzels from Target!

Popcorn - I chose a combo of cheddar popcorn & caramel popcorn - if you've never had this combo, holy tastebuds, it's so good.

Hot Cocoa Bombs - Target had some pumpkin shaped hot cocoa bombs so I snagged them to add some fun Fall flare and they are also perfect for serving up some cozy hot cocoa in your favorite mug.

Treat boards are such a fun way to get creative and they are so fun to put together. We hope you're joining us for the Gilmore Girl watch party with a treat board full of goodies! 


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