Creating the Ultimate Halloween Candy Board

Creating the Ultimate Halloween Candy Board

Halloween is just a couple weeks away and this year, things are looking a little different. We are planning a small gathering of friends instead of going trick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean there can't be plenty of Halloween candy and treats for the kiddos (and let's be honest - the adults too).

While everyone loves a good charcuterie board, is there really anything better than a candy board?? I think not. Not only is it guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, it also makes a super fun centerpiece for a Halloween table.


Mix homemade treats with candy

I chose to do some chocolate covered pretzels to mix in with the candy. I put eyeballs on some to make them look like ghosts, others looked like pumpkins, and I just added some halloween sprinkles to others.

Buy a variety of candy

I mixed in candy corns, gummy teeth, m&ms, Reese's ghosts, and some hard candy skeleton bones. Try to get a variety of shapes, textures, and flavors so there is something for everyone!

Place some candy in bowls

Especially for candy like M&Ms, putting them in a bowl or other container helps keep them from rolling around all over your board. Then you can place all the other treats around the bowls to make your board look really full.

Add some spooky non-edible elements

I also added in a couple of plastic spiders and a skeleton hand to give it some extra spooky vibes. Adding some fake spider webs or bats would also be super fun!

If you make a fun candy board for your family or gatherings, tag us @cflshop and we'll share! I cannot wait to see what you create!

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