DIY Dried Fruit Wreath

DIY Dried Fruit Wreath

DIY Dried Fruit Wreath 

Y’all know my love for a good holiday craft. With the help from my friends at @baresnacks I made this super cute dried fruit wreath. It was so simple + I loved how it came out.


  • I used Bare Snacks Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips  (which also double as a delish snack when crafting gets you craving a treat.)
  • a plain wreath found at the home improvement store (home depot)
  • dried oranges 
  • cinnamon sticks (grocery - bulk spice aisle)
  • pine cones (grocery - floral department)
  • twine (target)
  • velvet ribbon (target or craft store)

Prep your supplies - Dried Oranges: Slice your 3 oranges in 1-1.5 cm thick slices. Place in oven at 200 degrees for 90 minutes, using tongs flip them over and bake for another 90 minutes. After 3 hours decide if they have reached desired dryness - if not bake for another hour. repeat if necessary. turn oven off and leave in to keep drying overnight! 

Step 1: Tie your velvet ribbon on the bottom of your wreath in a bow! 

Step 2: Working around your wreath, thread the twine through the oranges and tie them sporadically on your wreath. I used a black and white twine you could see, you could also use some clear fishing wire or green floral wire if you don't want to see it. 

Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, attach your Bare Snacks Cinnamon Apple Chips to the oranges and/or branches. 

Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, attach your cinnamon sticks and pine cones sporadically throughout the wreath filling in any holes. 

Step 5: (optional) Add in battery powered twinkle lights and attach to ribbon!

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