DIY Fall Floral Wall Hanging

DIY Fall Floral Wall Hanging

We love a good craft night at CFL! And what better way to celebrate that Fall is finally in the air?! We threw together a little craft night as we gathered around the table, sipped some wine, devoured a gorgeous, delicious cheeseboard from Grazeology, and made these super cute Fall floral wall hangings! 

Making these floral wall hangings was so much fun and so simple! It's the perfect Fall statement decor piece to have on your wall, and you can make them as minimalistic or elaborate as you want. To make your own fall floral wall hanging, here's what you'll need:

  • your choice of faux floral & foliage stems (we got ours from Michael's); for a more autumnal look we chose things like pampas grass and fall leaves
  • your choice of decorative ribbon for tying a bow in the middle
  • floral wire
  • string
  • wooden dowel rod
  • your choice of any extra decorative pieces (we used mini pumpkins on some of ours!)
  • hot glue gun
  • pliers
  • scissors

Now it's time to assemble! Don't overthink this part. There's no right or wrong way to arrange things and you can totally customize it to your preference. You can make things symmetrical so that both sides of the rod look the same, or you can add in some variety and make each side a little different. Also, remember you can cut your stems with pliers if you want to shorten or thin them out. 

First, you'll attach your largest, thickest stems to the front of the rod using the floral wire. It's good to add floral wire at the bottom of the stem and in the middle for extra support to keep it tightly on the rod. 

Next, you'll fill in blank spaces with your smaller, thinner stems and any extra pieces using the floral wire and hot glue if needed.

Next, take your decorative ribbon and tie a bow in the middle. This holds all the ends of the stems tightly to the rod together, and adds a nice finishing touch!

Lastly, take a long piece of string and tie a knot around each end of the rod. This is the string that the whole piece will hang from. And voila! You've got a gorgeous piece to add to your Fall decor, and you might even want to keep it up all year 'round!

Our craft night would not have been complete without the ultimate cheeseboard, and Grazeology totally delivered. If you're in the Austin area, we highly recommend their grazing boards and platters for all your events! They even have adorable personal servings in the form of mini grazing boxes and grazing cones, which are great "covid-friendly" options so you don't have to worry about too many hands touching the same food. They do such a beautiful job arranging everything, and of course it's all delicious!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best gal pals and have a little wine, cheese, and craft night to celebrate Fall! And be sure to snap a photo of your creations and tag @chalkfulloflove + @cflshop. Happy crafting!

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