DIY Flower Arrangement Using a Store Bought Bouquet

DIY Flower Arrangement Using a Store Bought Bouquet

I don't know about y'all, but there is something about fresh flowers that not only lifts my spirits, but also makes my house feel like it suddenly belongs in a magazine. While I have always been a sucker for fresh flowers, I have not always been great at selecting flowers that go well together - or even knowing where to begin. 

A few years back, I took a class on how to make a floral arrangement and the florist mentioned taking everything we learned and using it to deconstruct a store bought bouquet and rearrange it. Ever since that class, that's my go-to! I go to the store and select one of their pre-made bouquets that fits the style I'm wanting. I also usually buy a couple of things to fill it in a bit like an extra bundle of greenery or some white flowers. It really doesn't make for a very cohesive, custom looking arrangement when it's all done. And also makes a great Mother's Day gift!!

So today I'm giving you all the steps to make your very own custom-looking arrangement out of a store bought bouquet! 

First, here is what I bought and the supplies I used: 

  • pre-made bouquet from HEB - it had some greenery, roses, some fun textured purple flowers I don't know the name of (hah!), some yellow greenery pieces
  • One small bunch of greenery with some little pink flowers on the ends
  • One small bunch of white carnations
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • A bucket filled with water


Step 1 - Cut all the stems and place in water

When I got home, I immediately opened the bouquet and one-by-one trimmed all the stems and placed them in a bucket filled with water. I did the same with the separate bunches I got. 

Step 2 - Prep your vase

I chose a large vase since I had quiet a bit of flowers. I filled it halfway with water and then made a grid with the tap on the opening of the vase. This allows your stems to stay in place as you are arranging.

Step 3 - Start with your greenery pieces

I always start by placing the greenery pieces first. This allows you to create the shape you want for the arrangement. I wanted kind of a wild shape, so I placed some greenery on the ends that kind of reached out to the sides and also chose to place some in the back. 

Step 4 - Place your statement flowers

The roses and the fun purple flowers are the star of the show in this arrangement. I placed them near the front and also along the sides where the greenery was so they could stand out really well. 

Step 5 - Fill in with other smaller flowers and greenery

Next, I grabbed the fun greenery with tiny yellow flowers and the greenery with pink flowers and started to fill in some empty spaces. I also used the carnations to sprinkle in some white and fill any holes. 

Step 6 - Take a step back to look and fill in any areas

I always take a step back to look at the arrangement from further away. This allows me to see where I may have any holes. I fill those in with more statement flowers or other filler. I also fill out the back or sides with more greenery if I think it's necessary. 

VOILA! You have a super cohesive, custom-looking piece! No one will ever know it used to be a pre-made store bouquet! Enjoy the little timelapse below of me putting this bouquet together! 30 minutes shortened to 30 seconds - haha!

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