DIY Paper Heart Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland

I gotta be honest guys, this year I feel way more into Valentine's Day than usual. Maybe it's because I feel like we are all in need of a little extra love, but I'm HERE. FOR. IT. I'm already scouting out gifts for our kids and my gal pals. So excited the create little bundles of love for all my people. 

I don't often decorate for Valentine's day because a lot of the decor out there is cheese fest, so I decided to make my own garland that I felt fit our vibe but was also festive. This garland is so simple. It doesn't require a lot of supplies and is so easy to make. Below you will find a supplies list and a step-by-step guide! You can also scroll down to see a video of the process.


  • Pink paper - I found this perfect pack of pink paper at Michael's
  • Scissors
  • String/Twine
  • Dinner Plate
  • Scotch Tape
  • Needle (one large enough to thread your string through)

STEP 1 - Trace the plate & cut paper

Place your dinner plat on a piece of pink paper (top side down). The plate will hang off a little which is what you want. Trace the place. Cut along the curved lines you just traced.

STEP 2 - Fold the paper accordion style

Starting with one of the long, straight edges, make about a half inch fold. Then fold the opposite direction (like an accordion) until you have folded the whole piece of paper and it's a stacked strip. 

STEP 3 - Fold and tape

Fold the strip in half. This should create a heart. Use a piece of scotch tape to tape the heart so it's securely closed. 

STEP 4 - String your hearts together

Once you have made plenty of hearts to cover your garland length (I made 9 hearts), it's time to string them together. Now, this is where I messed up. I didn't have a needle with a big enough head to string my twine through so I simply cut holes with the scissors and strung the twine through. Using a needle would be much easier. Simply thread your twine and then thread it through the back of your heart. Repeat until all hearts have been added!

DIY Paper Heart Garland from Jessica Scott on Vimeo.



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