DIY Pumpkin Pie Garland

DIY Pumpkin Pie Garland

I know all things Christmas are underway, and trust me, we are about to dive in real hard over her, BUT. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this super adorable, easy DIY garland that's perfect for Thanksgiving.

This little pumpkin pie garland brings me so much joy and adds the cutest little touch for Thanksgiving and it's also something your kiddos can help out with. You can even modify it based on what materials you have. I used a pom-pom maker to make the little whipped cream pom-poms, but you could also use cotton balls or pre-made pom-poms! 

I've listed all the materials you need below, followed by instructions and even a little video that shows how I did it! 


*the best thing to use is probably hot glue, but I had run out of glue sticks, so I improvised!


STEP 1: Cut the triangles for the pumpkin pie out of the orange paper. I cut one triangle and then used it as a pattern to make the others. Next, cut strips of paper about 1" thick out of the cream paper (this will be your "crust").

STEP 2: Make your pom-poms! Using your white yarn and the pom-pom maker (I used the second smallest pom-pom maker out of the set to make my pom-pom). If you've never used a pom-pom maker before, I suggest watching this YouTube video that shows how to use it!

STEP 3: Fold the cream paper like an accordion and using the glue stick (or hot glue!), attach each end of the paper to the top of the orange triangles. Don't glue the middle because the yarn will go back there (you'll see in the next step). Next, glue your pom-poms to the center of each triangle (I used Gorilla Glue, but hot glue would probably work better!)

STEP 4: Cut two holes at the top of each triangle behind the cream paper to thread the yarn through. You can also use a hole punch, just make sure it's small enough to be hidden behind the crust! Thread your yarn through each hole in all your triangles and voila! You have the most adorable pumpkin pie garland!


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