DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Bundles

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Bundles

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween weekend! With Halloween now behind me, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and all the fun things we have planned. While we will be spending Thanksgiving out of town this year, I still love dreaming about a Thanksgiving place setting.

Place cards are one of my favorite things to create because you can be so creative with them. They can help create any vibe you want for your place setting. For these, I wanted something that was really organic, not necessarily traditional, but still looked really Fall and beautiful.

The wooden sticks I chose are actually Palo Santo incense sticks. If you've never smelled Palo Santo, it smells incredible. It has a very earthy smell that reminds me of the outdoors in the Fall. I also love the texture they create! I chose to add some sage for another great texture and the lovely sage smell pairs so well with the Palo Santo. Next, I added some wheat and some dried florals that I snagged from Michaels and finished it off with some twine and a cute half-circle place cards!

You can customize these any way you like by using different elements. You could use a pretty Fall leaf instead of the sage, some other fun dried florals, or even a different shape for the place card. I love that the bundle adds a unique element to the place setting and whatever elements you choose to include can add different vibes! 

Below I have included the materials as well as the step-by-step guide!


  • Palo Santo Sticks (I got this bag of them off Amazon!)
  • Fresh Sage
  • Dried Wheat
  • Other Dried Floral (I got dried canary grass from Michael's!)
  • Twine
  • Cardstock Paper
  • White jelly pen
  • Scissors


Step 1: Stack 3 sticks of Palo Santo, sage, wheat and other dried floral together. Wrap with twine several times and tie in a knot on the back.

Step 3: Fold a piece of cardstock paper in half. Grab something circular like a glass and place the top of the glass halfway on the crease. Trace to create a half circle. Cut the half circle and unfold the piece of paper. Cut in half to create two half circles for your place cards.

Step 4: Using the jelly pen, write the names on each of the place cards. Make a little hole on one end and using the twine, attach them to the bundles.

Step 5: Place in the middle of a place setting for a super fun focal point! 

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