Easy Fall Branch & Acorn Decor

Easy Fall Branch & Acorn Decor

It's past Labor Day which means Fall decor can officially come out and start making it's way all over my house - or have you already started decorating?? 

This year, I've decided to keep our decor fairly simple. I absolutely love Fall, so I definitely have some things up my sleeve, but I'm trying to buy as little as possible and work with what we have.

Enter this wonderful branch & acorn decor.
You guys. I literally used branches from our oak trees in our backyard. These were actually kind of already dead. They didn't have leaves growing on them, so I just cut them right off the limb and put them in this amber glass vase I already had. Then I simply added some fake acorns I bought at Michaels by stringing them with some clear string. This project couldn't be easier but it adds a fun, whimsical vibe to our entryway and I love how it turned out. 

You can scroll down for a full list of supplies and steps as well as a little video showing you how I did it!



  1. If you bought your acorns in bunches, trim them off the bunch. I left abut an inch of wire sticking out of the top and then formed that into a loop to tie the string.
  2. Using your clear string, tie the acorn to one end. Cut the string at the length you desire.
  3. Arrange your branches in your vase. Then tie each acorn on different parts of the branches at various heights and lengths!

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