Fondue Date Night In

Fondue Date Night In

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in or out? We are fans of a quiet and romantic night in which usually includes a charcuterie board or fondue and some wine.

This year, we’re putting together a fun fondue for dessert. Is there anything better than fruit and sweets dipped in chocolate?? There are a few things I’ve found are imperative to having a successful fondue night, so I've shared those below!

  1. Use an electric fondue pot that will keep the chocolate melted OR use a container that will hold its heat and keep the chocolate warm and melted. I used some ceramic heart pots I found in the Target dollar section! 
  2. Get a mixture of fruit & sweets with different flavors and textures. I chose strawberries, bananas, madeleines, little petite cakes, and some shortbread hearts. Other things that would be delicious are cheesecake bites, brownies, raspberries, blueberries...the options are endless. I also melted both white and dark chocolate to have some options. 
  3. Skewers work great to grab all the goodies! You can grab a bunch for cheap at the grocery store. No need for fancy skewers if you don’t have them!
  4. Place all the sweets on a board kind of like a charcuterie board. This way you can plop it on a coffee table while you watch a movie and snack or place it on a table while you play a game or chat! 

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's with your love or your girlfriends or whoever you celebrate with! 



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