Hello Fresh - February

We are no strangers to the meal kit world. My hubs and I have been doing them for the past 7 years. Crazy to think about that! We just made the switch to HelloFresh and we are so excited about it. What we loved about HelloFresh - the quality of ingredients, the packaging (we LOVE how each meal is separated into a bag - the ease of just grabbing the bag full of ingredients is amazing), and the range and quality of the recipes. In our humble opinion, HelloFresh has the best flavors and sauces out of the ones we have tried. 


Anytime I can outsource, I do it. It gives me more time to spend with Emmie and running my biz. Meal planning and grocery shopping aren’t things I was looking forward to each week. Cue: HelloFresh. They do all the work for me and I can pick and choose ahead of time what we want for the week. We loved the variety of recipes we got this month. One of our favorites was the Tex Mex Turkey Bowls! It had the best flavor We will definitely be grabbing that one again when it comes back up in the menu. 

If a meal service has been something you’ve been thinking of trying - I swear you will not regret it. 


And even better, I have a code to share with you! USE THIS LINK to get $90 off your first four boxes, including free shipping on the first box! 

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