How to Perfect Your Christmas Cookie Tins

How to Perfect Your Christmas Cookie Tins

Friends, I'm not even joking when I say that creating Christmas cookie tins for friends and neighbors is probably one of my most favorite things I do all year. My mom used to do this growing up and it's something I've always been so fond of. I remember getting home from school and she would have the counters covered in cookies for the neighbors and my brother and I would go deliver them. It's such an honor to carry on that tradition every year!

Now, I choose to bake all my cookies from scratch and I'm going to share some of my favorite recipes along with tips to figuring out how to create the perfect tin with a great variety of cookies. Do not feel like you have to bake all of your own cookies. I am fully aware that not everyone loves baking! You can also buy cookies and treats from the store to fill your cookie box with! 

Tips for Creating the Perfect Tin

Let's start with some tips, shall we? There are an endless amount of cookies out there, so figuring out which ones to go in your tin can be so daunting. 

When creating my tin, I first figure out how many cookies I want to make. This year, I chose 4 different kinds. From there, I start to think about different flavors and textures I want in my box. There are sugar cookies, butter cookies, truffles, shortbread, gingerbread, etc. So let's break it down by each cookie: 

1. The full-blown decorated cookie. I always like to have one type of cookie in the tin that is just all out decorated. This could be a sugar cookie or gingerbread cookie. This year, I chose a sugar cookie.

2. Unique cookie. I like to throw a cookie in there that maybe no one has ever seen before. This year's was a peppermint bark cookie that was a chocolate sugar cookie coated in peppermint bark.

3. Non-bake cookie. I choose one cookie that doesn't require the oven so I can even make it ahead of time if I want to. I chose chocolate truffles this year which added a fun texture to the mix. 

4. Easy cookie. Since sugar cookies and peppermint bark cookies can take a bit of time, I wanted to choose one more cookie that would be an easy bake. Spritz cookies are really simple because you just mix the ingredients and pop them in a cookie press and press them on your baking sheet. They are also more of a butter cookie, so they add a different flavor to the mix. 

Here is a link to 75+ amazing cookie recipes to give you some inspiration!

Here are my favorite recipes for each cookie I included: 

Almond Sugar Cookies w/ Royal Icing
Peppermint Bark Cookies
Chocolate Truffles
Spritz Cookies


Packaging your Cookies

Packaging cookies for neighbors is pretty simple. I found the cutest tins at Target this year that were really cheap and perfect. They were also big enough to fit the amount of cookies I wanted in each tin. You could also use a cute cookie box or do what my mom did and put them on a Christmas-y plate. 

I put parchment paper in the bottom of each tin, place the cookies in and close it up. 
Quick tip:
If you have smaller cookies (like my truffles), place a cupcake liner in the tin and put the smaller cookies inside. This will keep them from rolling around or getting squished under the bigger cookies. It also adds a fun texture to the box. 

This year, I wrapped each tin in some yarn with a salt dough ornament as a finishing touch. 

For shipping your cookies, I suggest getting a box with a lot of compartments. Wrap each cookie type in parchment paper and finish off with a bit of twine, then place each bundle in a different compartment. Add some krinkle paper to the top of the box before you close it. Next, place the cookie box in a larger shipping box and make sure you pad it really well with bubble wrap or more krinkle paper. 

This is such a fun way to spread a little joy during this season - not only to others, but also yourself! Giving truly is such a great way to brighten your spirits! So go make some spirits bright, y'all!


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