Organization Products to Jump Start 2022

Organization Products to Jump Start 2022

In our house, a new year always means trying to find ways to be more organized - anyone else? I could basically live in the Container Store or the organization aisle of Target. I'm a sucker for all the organizational things (I blame my enneagram 1 personality!!). 

When it comes to products that help keep me organized, I also want them to look cute. Basically, organize my pantry, but make it cute too - can I get an amen?? The three places I'm always looking to organize better are our pantry, fridge, and closets. So I rounded up all of my favorite (and cute) products for getting those areas organized. One of my all-time favorites are these Nordic Storage Baskets with wooden lids that you can stack on top of one another. They are such a space saver for your closet or pantry and have a minimal, sleek look. If you're looking for some minimal but adorable pantry labels, check out these I found on Etsy! For open shelving or shelves in the closet, I love using decorative baskets so it looks nice and clean and also adds some texture. These cypress baskets from Target are my favorite!

I hope the new year brings lots of fresh starts and ways to make your life simpler and smoother. You can find the links to all my favorite organization products below - happy organizing friends!


1. Expandable Bamboo Flatware Drawer // 2. Natural Wood Handle Milk Crate // 3. Nordic Storage Basket // 4. Linen Drawer Organizers // 5. The Home Edit Book // 6. Natural Decorative Basket // 7. Plastic Storage Bins with Handles // 8. Brown Cypress Basket w/ Handles // 9. Pantry Labels // 10. Ello Pantry Food Storage Containers // 11. Stacking Wire Baskets

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