Our Picks: School Supplies 2021

Our Picks: School Supplies 2021

Anyone else borderline obsessed with office and school supplies? There is something about starting a new school year and getting new supplies that makes everything feel like a fresh start. Now that my boys are both going to be in school, I always enjoy getting them cute backpacks and lunch boxes to help create some excitement around going back to school. Not to mention, my organization-loving heart does a little happy dance.

I searched some of my favorite places on the internet for what I think are some of the cutest school supplies to give y'all a really curated selection. You'll find anything from backpacks and lunch bags to some cute writing utensils and pencil pouches. I even found some super cute lunch notes to pop in your kiddos' lunch bags that are sure to make them smile. 

Shop my very favorites below and let us know what you grab! Happy school shopping!


1. Black Quilted Backpack // 2. Flower Ballpoint Pen // 3. Pastel Dual Compartment Lunch Box // 4. Compliment Pencil Set // 5. 12oz Thermos Water Bottle // 6. Yellow Backpack // 7. Blue Lunch Bag // 8. Happy Zipper Pencil Pouch // 9. Pink Glasses Pencil Pouch // 10. Fruit Backpack // 11. Lunch Box Notes // 12. Highlighters // 13. Daisy Lunch Box // 14. Houseplant Journal // 15. Leather Bow Backpack

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