Rosé Favorites

Rosé Favorites

It’s rosé season and we are here. for. it. We take “rosé all day” very seriously at CFL during these hot Texas summers. Can you picture it? Sipping on a glass of cold, refreshing rosé on a summer night with a nice cheeseboard dinner, or as you’re relaxing by the pool, or in a little to-go cup for a summer picnic. You just can’t go wrong! Now, we aren’t experts, but we do consider ourselves tough critics, and we love finding good rosé at a fair price. We’ve rounded up our favorite, affordable rosé and we highly recommend them all! Grab a bottle to pair with dinner, or grab a few and have a little rosé tasting at home for a date night! Just don't forget to chill it a bit. Nobody likes a warm rosé!
  1. Carayon La Rose - A Trader Joe's favorite! At under $6 a bottle, you can't beat this crisp, not-too-sweet rosé.
  2. Whispering Angel - A mid-range priced bottle, but definitely a top contender! It's definitely a dry rosé but has a smooth finish and really full flavor.
  3. Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine - This one has a mild berry flavor with subtle herbal notes, balancing the fruit and acid really well.
  4. D'orsay - A really refreshing rosé, with notes of honeysuckle and a crisp and fruity flavor.
  5. Cote des Roses - Not only is the bottle beautiful, but it has a full and fresh flavor with floral notes and hints of grapefruit.
  6. "The Palm" Whispering Angel - You can't beat the trendy look of this one, and the flavor doesn't disappoint either! It's got a deeper, fruitier taste than the original Whispering Angel. Easy to drink and definitely a crowd pleaser!



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