Simple Cactus Handprint Craft

Simple Cactus Handprint Craft

I don't know about your kiddos, but mine love crafts - at least my 4-year-old does. He brings home a lot of artwork from preschool, but I gotta be honest, I definitely do not keep it all. However, I never throw away anything with a hand or footprint because I just love them so much and know I will probably look at them and sob when he's older. He also only lasts 10-15 minutes max when it comes to sitting still at the table to do a craft, so I know I have to pick something that's going to be quick and easy for him. 

Today's craft is all the good things wrapped up into one. It uses their cute little hand and finger prints, literally only takes about 5 minutes and is also fridge worthy. I love this little cactus with flowers for the Spring and it would also make the cutest Mother's Day gift. We had a lot of fun creating this one!

Happy crafting and be sure to tag us @cflshop and @chalkfulloflove if you make one with your kiddos! 


  • Construction paper (white for the background and brown for the pot)
  • Green and pink washable paint
  • Glue 

Suggested: Paper plates to put the paint on


  1. Cut the brown piece of paper to look like a flower pot.
  2. Have your kiddo dip their hand in green paint and then gently place it in center of the paper and press down. Wash off their hand!
  3. Next, have them dip their finger in the pink paint and put dots (flowers!) all over the cactus. 
  4. Glue the flower pot just over the bottom of the handprint and voila! You have a cute little cactus in a pot!

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