Spring Decor Favorites

Spring Decor Favorites

Texas experienced a crazy winter storm this past week, so now (more than ever), I'm craving the sunny, spring weather. Anyone else feeling very ready for Spring?

This weekend, after the sun finally came out and the snow and ice was melted, we went on a long family walk. I started telling my husband all of the things I'm looking forward to about spring: warm and sunny days, lemon lavender pound cake, longer days, shorts and tees, spring cocktails, new potted plants, fresh Spring decor...the list really does go on. To me, Spring is like a fresh start. It's when I do some deep cleaning and organizing, find some house projects to do, and freshen up my decor a bit. 

I've rounded up a list of my very favorite Spring decor items from some of my favorite places to shop. My favorite things to decorate with in Spring are faux plants, pots, cute storage items, and pillows. I love brightening up my home for Spring! I'd love to hear how you make your house fresh for the new season! 

1. Pink Glass Vases // 2. 21" Cherry Blossom Wreath // 3. Round Storage Basket // 4. 14" Faux Eucalyptus Wire Wreath // 5. Stone Pitcher //' 6. Stripes Throw Pillow // 7. Terracotta Planter // 8. Pom Pom Pillow // 9. Artificial Olive Plant // 10. 22" Faux Dahlia // 11. Green Bubble Plant Pot // 12. Wooden Bunnies

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