Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

We may be talking all things Christmas because of our Christmas Collection launching, but I've still got Thanksgiving on the brain. Thanksgiving has and will always be one of my very favorite holidays. It reminds me of laughter in the kitchen and gathering with family to eat all. the. food. It usually involves all of my favorite people in the same place and that gives me the warm fuzzies. 

There is no doubt that hosting a Thanksgiving meal for a whole family is quite a feat. There is so much food to make, you have to time everything right, and holy moly, don't burn the turkey! Whoever hosts your Thanksgiving meal truly deserves a warm thank you for all their hard work, and that's where I've got you covered. I rounded up some of my favorite items from our Fall Collection and made them into the most perfect gifts for all the wonderful Thanksgiving hostesses out there.


Since this fella is a large cafe mug, he can hold a good amount. I chose to fill it with some cranberry & orange scone mix along with a hearth & hand spatula. Perfect for the hostess that loves to bake! 


There's nothing that says "thanks for all your hard work" like a huge Fall thermos filled with delicious coffee and a coffee scoop. I chose some caramel macchiato coffee for a fun Fall flare.


Last but definitely not least we have the Thankful mug. Truly there is no better way to say thank you. I stuffed this mug with homemade chocolate chip cookies. My absolute favorite recipe is this one by Butternut Bakery.

I finished off each gift with a pom pom I made using this pom pom maker set. They are so easy to make that I'm literally poming everything these days. They add a nice finishing touch to any gift and give it a festive flair! 

We want to see how you are gifting your CFL items, so #cflgifting and post on IG for us to see and share!