Trader Joe's Cheese Plate

Trader Joe's Cheese Plate

Cheese plates can be quite intimidating. Especially for us that know nothing about cheese. They’ve become a weekend + holiday staple in my house. I’ve found my tried and true and it always seems to please! So many of you have asked for me to share how I make them. Spoiler alert: they are pretty easy and they make you look like you know what you are doing with your life.

I usually get 3 different cheeses. It's always good to have a hard, medium and soft cheese. So I went on a quest to find my favorites of those. Everything that I include on my cheese plate can be found at most grocery stores! I’ve broken down the graphic between Trader Joe’s list + HEB.

Hard Cheese: Rosemary Asiago

Medium Cheese: Smoked Gouda (omg I love this cheese.)

Soft Cheese: Honey Goat Cheese top this with a raspberry jam or hot pepper jelly! 


Charcuterie – I go the easy route and get the packs of three different kinds. At Trader Joe’s they have a great Spicy Charcuterie pack. (it’s not too spicy) 

Almonds – Grab the rosemary Marcona almonds from TJ’s

Olives – Love a pitted greek olive or jalapeño stuffed

Crackers – You have to get the fig + olive crackers from TJ’s 

Mustard – This is a great addition for your meats + cracker combos. 

Fresh Fruit – Faves of mine are grapes + berries

Fresh Rosemary as a garnish

Plating Examples: 

I start with laying out my cheeses. Usually I put the rosemary asiago and goat cheese on opposite ends and the gouda in the middle. I cut pieces off the asiago and gouda and pile them up. I smash the goat cheese with a spoon and then spoon the jelly or jam on top it. I add in the crackers I want to use for dipping into the goat cheese next to it. Then I add in my charcuterie around the other cheeses. I usually peel them off each other and then fold them a little bit so they fit in around. Add your olives in a little bowl on the plate. Add in your other crackers around the charcuterie and cheese. Add your berries in around the goat cheese area. Sprinkle almonds in any of your blank spots. And then garnish with some fresh rosemary!  

This is such a crowd pleaser at any holiday before the dinner. You know when things are still cooking and everyone starts to get hangry. If you end up making one, tag me! I would love to see your creations!



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