Valentine's Gift Ideas for your Man

Valentine's Gift Ideas for your Man

Ask and you shall receive, friends! So many of you requested a gift guide for your man, so I put together a fun guide that has a little something for everyone. I even purchased something for my guy from this list (the recoup massage ball!). 

We honestly try to keep it real simple on Valentine's day. We don't go overboard with gifts and usually do one gift or do something fun together as a couple that we wouldn't normally do (like go to a fun show). Since we are living in the days of COVID, a gift is the way we will go this year. 

I kept the price range on this list under $100 so you could have some great options without breaking the bank. There are several fairly inexpensive items and then a couple to the $100 mark. I also only chose things I would personally buy or have already bought for Will. Happy shopping, friends! 


1. Herschel Retreat Backpack - Perfect for the guy on the go. Stylish and functional and can hold all. the. things.
2. Milk Bar Cookie Tin - Ummm...who doesn't want Milk Bar cookies for Valentine's days. And you can snag them at Target!
3. JCrew Jogger Sweatpants - I got this for my husband for his birthday in December and he wears them all. the. time. He claims they are the most comfortable pants he's ever worn.
4. Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit - For the guy that loves to make cocktails. An old fashioned is one of my hub's favorite drinks and this kit has everything you need!
5. Heart Socks - I'm a sucker for cute dress socks (I've gotten so many for Will), and these are perfect for the day of love!
6. Recoup Cryosphere Massage Ball - This is what I'm getting for Will! He works out quite a bit and is always doing stretches and other massage techniques to keep his joints and muscles loose. This is perfect for the guy who works out and takes care of their body! 
7. Canvas Beer Cooler - I love this super stylist twist on the beer cooler. It holds a 6 pack so is perfect for your husband's favorite beer. He can take it to a friend's house to watch the game or the two of you can take it on a picnic!
8. YETI Rambler Mug - My husband uses this daily. Keeps his coffee warm for a long time so it's great for the commute to work and doesn't spill.
9. Cocktail Codex Coffee Table Book - This book has all kinds of tips and tricks for creating several great cocktails. It's for the guy who really loves making drinks and wants to learn the ins and outs!
10. Leather Charger Roll Up - Ok I also want one of these for myself. This will keep headphones, chargers, etc. all in place without becoming a tangled mess. Your man can roll it up and throw it into his bag or on his desk. 


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