CFL Letter Club

So, you started lettering (you probably even went through Hand Lettering 101 & 201!) but now you find yourself wanting more ways to practice and grow your lettering skills. Maybe you have mastered the actual letters but just want a little more design help. Or maybe you are in a creative rut and just need some fresh inspiration!
Sometimes it can be SUPER annoying to try and find new ways to up your lettering game. You've bought all the lettering books on amazon. You’ve done all the practice drills a million times. And that one book you got is totally useless and impractical. All you want is to get better! Is that too much to ask?
The struggle is real. You want to continue learning, but you don't know what to do next.
You find your self wondering:
  • How do I make my lettering into an actual design?
  • Which tools do I use to get the look I want?
  • How do I create my own style of lettering?
  • Where can find new creative ways to practice and continue improving my skills?

We got you, friend. Sign up below and be the first to know more about the CFL Letter Club and when it launches!