How I grew my Business with Instagram!

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A step by step guide on how I grew my business from 400 followers to 40,000 in a year. And how I turned those followers into loyal customers. Taking the seriousness out of Instagram, this guide will break things down in an easy and understandable way!

"Before you go all buck wild on your Instagram, I want you to know + remember a few key things. Instagram is not real life. I don't want you to get discouraged when you see someone else doing something that you feel is unattainable. Because honestly, it might be unattainable. And that is OKAY."

What Alum are Saying:

"It’s no secret that Instagram is a super useful business marketing tool and can ultimately help us grow a loyal customer following, but how the heck do we crack the seemingly uncrackable Insta code to success? Well, there is no cut and dry answer. Sorry friends. But, wait! Don’t get discouraged, because while there may not be a foolproof answer, there ARE steps we can take to rock out our Insta feeds, grow a loyal customer following, cultivate an awesome tribe of likeminded creatives, AND have fun while doing it. Umm, and these steps are? Well friends, I’m glad you asked.

Sarah, from Chalkfulloflove, has just released her first e-course: How to Grow you Business + Following on Instagram, and me oh my—it is some good stuff. This e-course takes the headache out of Instagram and reminds us that, while it is a super useful marketing tool, using it doesn’t have to be a total drag! In true CFL fashion, this step-by-step Insta code cracker is witty, lighthearted and just plain fun. And did I mention pretty?

After completing the course, you’ll be walking away with some killer Instagram knowhow. I’m talking tips and tricks on how to shoot some pretty pictures and how to edit them with some of Sarah’s favorite editing apps, or right in Instagram. You’ll also become a rockstar in Instagram strategy—what types of photos to post, how to hashtag like a total (girl)boss, and how to implement certain tricks to organically grow followers (just to name a few).

Cherry on top of this e-course cake? It was the perfect amount! I was able to work through it with dinner simmering on the stove and glass of wine in hand.

Thanks Sarah for making Instagram a little less scary, and a lot more fun!"

- Becca, @chalkwhimsy

Start growing your side hustle + sign up for the course here