Fall Mantle Styling Tips

Fall Mantle Styling Tips

Does anyone else look forward to decorating their mantle for Fall every year? We bought this house 3 years ago and one of my nonnegotiable was to have a working fireplace - one with a mantle I could put all the decor on! We completely redid the existing fireplace and it's one of my favorite parts of our house. Decorating it for Fall and Christmas brings me so much joy! 

I've tried to collect things over the years so I'm not buying brand new things every year. It's fun for me to try and figure out new ways to use what I have and just add a couple of new things here and there. This year the only things I bought were a couple of stems of faux leaves! The vases I used are ones I painted for my summer-y decor (you can find the tutorial here!) and I already had the pumpkins from last year.

Here are some more helpful tips to think about while you are decorating your Fall mantle (and really any time of year, honestly!).

Choose a color palette

Guys. If I don't choose a very specific color palette for my decor, I end up being all over the place. For my mantle this year, I knew I wanted it to go along with the decor already in our living room but have a more "fall" vibe. I chose deep rust, natural tones like rattan and a dark wood, and some pinks and creams. You could have pops of orange, greens...whatever you want!

Use objects with varying sizes and shapes

Choosing object of different sizes makes it visually appealing. I'm talking tall, short, wide, thin - all the things. I also chose varying shapes. Our mirror is an arched shape which adds a big statement. I chose a large rectangular frame, the pumpkins added some round objects, and the vases and candle holders added some more unique shapes. A good variety of both size and shape adds fun dimension to your space and makes it interesting to look at!


A Fall mantle isn't a Fall mantle with out a garland, am I right?? It adds such a whimsical and festive vibe to your mantle no matter what kind you choose. I shared a tutorial on how to make 3 different kinds of garlands last year and I reused one of them this year! I also chose to make it a more drape-y look by attaching it on both ends instead of attaching it in multiple places. The way you hang it on your mantle can create a different look/shape, so play around with it!


There are so many things that can add texture to your mantle. I chose to add some faux florals in a couple of vases to add a pop of something more wispy and add some fun pops of Fall. A leafy garland or a wreath would add some yummy texture as well or you could even add a fun fall dish towel as a little accent - the options are endless!

Add warmth with candles

Whether you are using taper candles or our lovely CFL candles, adding some warm, cozy light is always a good idea. You can get some cute taper candle holders to add some height or a fun candle stand that fit our candles perfectly!

We want to see your Fall mantles! Make sure you tag us on IG so we can see how you choose to decorate yours!

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