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After countless questions about the app that I use for iPad lettering, I am bringing to you the beginners guide to iPad Lettering + Procreate! 

This guide includes the Letter Drills or iPad, so there is no need to purchase the letter drills separately! 

What you will need to make this guide useful:

  1.  iPad
  2.  Procreate App
  3.  Stylus

(there are directions on how to acquire 2 + 3 in the guide!) 

This guide is perfect for the person who is ready to dive deeper with their lettering using the app Procreate and their iPad pro! They are comfortable with their lettering enough to have bought an iPad for it ;) 

What it includes:

  • Basic + Simple Instructions on the App
  • Two sets of lowercase Letter Drills
  • 9 Words to Practice (tex-mex theme :) )
  • Where to find my favorite iPad brushes
  • One project! 

*You will need to unzip the file on a computer first, and share your files to your iPad through email, AirDrop, or iCloud drive. 

Looking for even more practice? Check our Fall, Spring, Wedding, and Christmas words bundles!

If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask! Remember, this is for personal use only!

Only 1 download per purchase. Due to the nature of this download, no refund or cancellation can be issued. 

Copyright Chalkfulloflove, 2017: All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold. All purchases are for personal use only.

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